Long Hairstyles – How To Create An Attractive & Sexy Style

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Women whose hair reaches to their waist or beyond are faced with a challenge when they want a new and exciting hair style—without cutting away any of their hair!

Many styles are designed for medium length hair; to the shoulders is the most common length.  Some styles which claim to be for “long hair“ only work well for hair that reaches to the shoulder blades!

The good news is, there are many beautiful styles which work well with very long hair, and which need not be difficult to wear.  We‘ll look at three basic categories below.

The Braid

This includes the ordinary “plaited“ braid, as well as the French or Dutch braid.  In fact, braids are perhaps the most versatile of hair style groupings.  Two braids, one on each side, is cutesy in hair that reaches only to the shoulders or shoulderblades; it‘s luxurious, even regal, in thick hair that reaches past the waist.

The French braid, sometimes known as the Dutch braid, pulls hair into a braid one strand at a time, creating a lovely plaited effect on the scalp, rather than merely from the nape of the neck down.

Long hairstyles for long hair french braid

Braids have one marked advantage over most other hair styles; they are good for your hair.  Other styles are merely indifferent, and some styles, such as those that require curling irons, straightening irons, or hairspray, can actually damage your hair.  But braiding keeps the hair from knotting or chafing, which means less breaks off and you get fewer split ends.  This is a huge advantage for anyone who hates the look of broken, split–ended hair, and yet hates to get their hair trimmed with an equal passion.

The Bun or Knot

This is a lovely and elegant way of wearing long hair.  Who isn‘t familiar with the classic bun, pulled up onto the head and twisted around, then pinned in place?  Or, for added variety, the braided bun, where the hair is braided and the braid is then coiled into a bun.  There are two main styles of braided bun; press the start of the braid against the back of the head and wrap the rest of the braid around it, tucking the end under, for a rounded bun, or start at the end of the braid and coil it around itself, being careful to hold it flat, for a nice flat coil bun.

Loose Bun Hairstyles - Messy Buns - long hair

There is, however, one major disadvantage to the bun and the braided bun; they‘re heavy.  Anyone who has ever tried to pile three or four feet (or more!) of thick hair onto the top of their head knows that a headache in an hour or so is pretty much par for the course when working with a bun.

But there is very simple solution to that; don‘t use all your hair in a bun.  Try using a section of hair from each side of your head and twisting them back into a Love Knot.  Or, grab just the top layer of your hair and pull it up into a chignon.

The hair you leave underneath it can be braided, pulled into a second, lower bun, twisted, coiled, or simply left loose.  Each way adds another layer of variety to the hairstyle.

The Ponytail (and Variations)

Now, you may be thinking that a ponytail is an impossibility with your hair; it‘s simply too long and too heavy.  And, certainly, the traditional ponytail, a perky rope of hair perched on top of the head and coiling down, isn‘t the same with long hair, if you can even get it to stay on top of your head.

long hairstyles modern pony tail long hair cuts

However, there are many, many, many different kinds of ponytails, and most of them work well with very long hair.  Just pulling the hair into a low ponytail on the nape of the neck is one of the most beautiful ways of wearing long hair that exists.

Similarly, pulling the top layer of hair into a ponytail at the back of the head and leaving the rest loose is a lovely hairstyle, and one that flatters and narrows pudgy or round face shapes.

For a little extra variety, pull the top layer of hair back into a ponytail, then separate the hair left loose into two sections.  Using the ponytail as the third section, braid the hair into one long braid and secure it with a fabric–covered elastic.

celebrity long hairstyles kate beckinsale

As you can see, there is a wide variety of styles suitable for even the longest hair.  Blending different styles adds even more variety; ponytails can be braided, braids can be wrapped into buns, and buns can be twisted only halfway, and the remaining hair pulled through the center and left in a ponytail.

If you used to think there were only one or two ways of wearing your very long hair, think again!  There is a whole new world of styles out there.  What are you waiting for?  Try one today!

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How to Create the Perfect Emo Hairstyle

One of the trendiest hairstyles to date, the emo hairstyle is on the fast track to popularity among the younger crowd. While some parents simply abhor the emo fad, others are intrigued by the unique style that a properly arranged emo haircut can present.

A tangent from the gothic or punk sub–culture, the emo hairstyle transcends the realm of styling your hair simply to look good and becomes an expressive form. The emo haircut allows the expression of individuality and creativeness. The basic emo hairstyle can be found as a short look or as a long look with similarities between the two.

Short Emo Hairstyle

hairstyles for emo girls girl short emo hairstyle

The short emo haircut involves a short and spiky cut with very long bangs. With this style, the bangs are worn in a long fringe that lies over the face, but brushed to one side. The bangs essentially cover one eye, completely or almost completely. This fringe of bangs presents a canvas that can be used to express individuality with highlights and streaks.

Males tend to prefer the shorter emo haircut that is short and spiky in the back and includes a long fringe of bangs in the front. However, females also wear this shorter version of the emo haircut.

Long Emo Hairstyle

long emo hairstyles for girls pictures

The long emo haircut involves a long and shaggy cut. With this style, the bangs are worn in a long fringe and brushed to one side of the face in the same manner as with the short emo haircut. The long bangs are parted to one side of the face with the right side being the more popular one to flip the bangs to fall upon.

The long emo hairstyle often appears in dark colors and it frames the face while sweeping to one side. Females tend to prefer the longer emo with long bangs in the front and the hair is usually layered. However, males also wear this longer version of the emo haircut.

Emo Bangs

emo hairstyles for guys boys pictures

For those with straight hair, achieving the fringe of bangs is easy. However, individuals with curly, wavy, or frizzy hair often need to go to great lengths to maintain the trademark look of the bangs that simply must be attached to an emo haircut. In fact, today‘s manufacturers are partially responsible for making the emo accessible to so many individuals.

An entire plethora of hair styling products exist for taming the wild look of curls and wavy lengths of hair. From smoothing lotions to hair wax to anti–frizz products to hairsprays to hair gels, the number of hair products that help to place errant hair under control is large enough to ensure that everyone can find something that works for them. Additionally, hair straighteners, hair irons, and blow dryers can all be utilized to help create that wall of long bangs that simply must lie correctly in order to achieve the true emo look.

Depending upon the type of hair that you have and the reaction that it presents with the various methods for straightening it, you might need to go through a trial and error process to discover the hair product that works best for you. The bangs are an essential aspect of the emo haircut, so they must be perfected.

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Emo Hairstyle Basics

If you have been wearing your emo for a while and it‘s time for a change, consider the possibility of adding highlights, streaks, or coloring the bangs to achieve it. In fact, coloring the bangs in a spectrum of shades that range from light to dark or vice versa is a real eye catcher.

Oliver Sykes  Emo Hairstyle - medium emo hair for guys

Popular colors for highlights currently tend to be red or purple. Highlighting the layers on long emo haircuts is also another popular styling technique. The shaggy and uneven nature of an emo haircut necessitates that you use a color that will show through your base coat, if you decide to highlight your hair. Usually, a brighter color than the base coat is all that you need to show off your style.

One of the most common emo hairstyles is to dye the hair jet black and styling it with long bangs. Other popular colors include blue, red, and purple. In fact, the more unnatural the color is, the better some people like it. Everyone who decides to go with an emo hairstyle does not decide to dye his or her hair. Many people are now keeping their natural colors and simply adding highlights to it.

No special hair styling equipment is necessary fro an emo haircut. However, if you need to straighten your hair for the right effect, then you might need to obtain a hair straightener or iron if you don‘t already have one. Plus, if you decide that you want to shear one side of your head, then you will need to purchase electric shears.

A spray shine can be used to add brightness to your hair.

Since the emo haircut focuses on its uneven look, you can shorten one side of your hair if you have long hair to get an idea of what you will look like with it. In fact, you can tie or clip your hair up to get an idea without cutting your hair.

How to Create Emo Hairstyle Spikes or Shag

Use hair styling products to mold your emo haircut to look the way that you want it to. In particular, a sculpting gel that offers a long lasting hold is going to provide the best performance. Gels that stiffen your hair allow you to spike it as well as allowing the spike to remain. Hair sprays can also be used to help maintain your styling efforts.

cute emo hairstyles for girls

Follow these steps to create the spikes or shaggy look that you prefer for your hair.

•Style your hair immediately after shampooing while it is still wet. If you aren‘t planning to shampoo your hair at the time, simply wet your hair.
•Place a generous amount of gel on your hair and work it through with your fingers.
•Shape your hair into the spikes or shags that you would like to have.
•Blow dry your hair until it is completely or almost completely dry.
•Add more gel as needed to maintain your spikes.
•Avoid using a brush once you have styled your emo haircut.
•If you want to ensure that your hair stays set, use a strong–hold hairspray to spray it generously.

Emo Hairstyle- Professional Cut or Home Cut?

Although the emo hairstyle is agreeable to receiving a cut at home, it is difficult to see the back of our heads or hair clearly.

blonde medium emo hairstyles for girls hair pictures photos

Therefore, a professional cut is often the way to go. However, once you have a professional cut, you can always have a friend or family member trim your hair for you to maintain its look.

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How to Create the Perfect Updo Hairstyle

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Every woman wants to look her best for that special evening out whatever the occasion is. The proper hairstyle is essential to creating the perfect look and an updo can add that touch of elegance that the woman yearns for. A woman should spend just as much time on her hair as she does on finding the perfect dress.

Trendy classy updo hairstyles hair cuts

It is essential to select the right updo for hair length, hair color, and face shape. Whether she has short, long, or medium length hair, an updo style can complement a woman‘s looks to create a vision of beauty. The right updo can accent her facial features, complement her outfit, and make heads turn.

Questions to Ask When Selecting an Updo Style

•Does the hairstyle compliment your face?

•Does your face look better when your hair is pulled back, flowing loosely, or pulled back with tendrils to accent it?

•Is your hair long enough for a particular style?

•Do you have the right accessories (grippers, bobby pins, bands, pony tail holders, etc) for the hairstyle?

•Do you have enough time to have your hair styled a particular way?

Things to Remember to Achieve a Perfect Hair Updo

celebrity hairstyles updo formal elegant long hairstyles

•Hair often sets or styles better when it is a bit dirty. Therefore, you should wash your hair the night before you plan to have it styled.

•High quality professional products do the job better. They are more expensive, but they really do make a difference.

•If you plan on styling your own hair, acquire the correct tools of the trade, such as curling irons, straighteners, blow dryers, and flat irons first.

•Browse pictures of updos in beauty magazines, hair magazines, celebrity news magazines, and online websites. Most salons carry quite a few magazines that include formal hairstyles. This practice will help you to decide what you want before you get started. Quite often, selecting the hairstyle takes longer than actually having your hair styled.

•Remember that some stylists specialize in particular hairstyles so always ask if this is the case at the salon that you select. Schedule your appointment with that person. At the very least, make sure that your hairstylist has experience style updos or you might not get the look that you are searching for.

•Keep your hair healthy and shiny by using the correct shampoos and conditioners.

Updos for Short Hair

Creating an updo for short hair is not as easy as creating one for long hair. Obviously, you have less hair to work with and so, there is less that you can do. Hair that is at least three inches in length will be easier to work with for an updo.

Prom hairstyles updo short hairstyles

For extremely short hair, you can use hair gel to spike your hair. You can also use volumizing shampoos and conditioners to give the illusion that you have more rather than less. The trick to creating the perfect updo for short hair lengths is to curl or wave as much of the hair as possible. Additionally, pinning the hair back to the center is another good strategy to give your hair the look of an updo.

If you find that working with what you have is not creating the desired effect, purchase a hair extension. This will provide the added length that you desire and give you a wider selection of choices for your updo hairstyle. Hair extensions are manufactured to look natural.

If you decide to go this route, it is probably best to purchase a monofiber hair extension rather than one made from human hair. The monofiber ones are easier to work with and generally stay in better and longer. Purchase one in the same shade as your normal hair color so that it will blend in and look natural.

Hair quiffs can also be used to create the updo that you are looking for if you have short hair. Simply section a two–inch by two–inch portion of your hair near the front and at the top of your head. Pull the hair back and then move it forward in a sliding motion. This will make your hair appear higher and fuller. This can also be done at the side of your face.

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Updos for Long Hair

Long hair updo hairstyles

Longer hair lengths, including medium lengths, have an entire array of cute and glamorous updos to choose from. Loops, swirls, French twist, and braids are only some of the choices that you have. Plus, you can elect to have a full or a partial updo.

A full updo involves having all of the hair tied up and the area surrounding the face left open or accented. The half or partial updo includes hair that is styled around the face, partially covering the face, or partially hanging down.

Updo Options

Within the array of full updo styles, additional choices need to be made. The hair can be arranged in a bun the sits low above the nape of the neck. It can be arranged to sit atop the head in a huge pile. The front of the hair can be arranged in one of several ways including a sweep, a pleat, a comb back, or a loose style that allows some locks of hair to fall gently to the side of the face.

The main difference with the location of your updo is the accessories that will go well with each style. Intricately bundled hair on the top of your head will not be as amenable to certain types of hair ornamentation. On the other hand, the bun is easily complemented with gorgeous hair accessories.

Eva Longoria Hairstyle Bob Celebrity

The front of the updo can vary with any number of styling methods. The sweep can be textured, soft, or angled. The softer, more angled sweep creates a special look that does not require any hair accessories to show it off. The textured sweep creates less of a fancy showing, but is easily accented with a tiara. Additionally, single tendrils can be created to adorn the side of the woman‘s face.

Whether your hair is pinned close to the head or pinned loosely is another choice that you will make. If you are unsure which style will look well on you, ask the hairstylist to style your hair with the understanding that you might change your mind. Additionally, the size of any curls might make a difference in the look that is achieved and this might be changed during the styling. A good hairstylist will be able to make suggestions to you based upon his or her experience.

Hair that is swept up and moved back from the face can create a soft look that will make a woman look alluring. The bun is probably the most timeless updo of all. This classy hairstyle has graced the heads of many celebrities, wedding guests, prom goers, and more.

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The Most Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles

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Whether your wedding day hairstyle is going to be a classic, sophisticated, and timeless style or a trendy, unique, and fun style, finding the perfect hairstyle is essential. It might still be up for debate as to whether the hairstyle makes the bride or the bride makes the hairstyle, but it definitely makes a difference. The perfect hairstyle can surely make the day even more perfect.

The Side Part

wedding hairstyles

A side part is often more flattering and less severe than a center part for a more feminine and sultry look. Additionally, if everyone is used to seeing the bride with her hair parted a particular way, a new part will change her appearance quite a bit for a totally new look that sets heads turning.

The Down Do

beautiful wedding updos hairstyles haircut

Wearing the hair down certainly works best for those brides who don‘t like their look with an updo. Either a center part or a side part will work nicely. Teasing the hair slightly at the roots will help to keep it in shape as well as help to secure any hair ornamentation that the bride selects.

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The Updo for Curly, Unruly, or Thick Hair

wedding hair cuts hairstyles photos

The best styling method for naturally curly, unruly, or thick hair might just be the carefree updo. This style is almost effortless and simplistic in its basic technique of randomly pinning up long tresses of hair. The hair can be curled or twisted and pinned randomly to create a stunning look that oozes beauty.

The Tiara Alternative

wedding hairstyles with tiara veil

If tiaras are not in your future, even for your wedding day, hair vines can be the perfect option for a stylistic look. A few crystal hair vines carefully placed in your hair can set it apart for the stunning look that you are hoping to create. Less is actually better when it comes to hair ornamentation. Don‘t overdo it.

The Loose Braid

wedding hairstyles loose braid

A loose braid is an excellent way to show off long tresses that vary in coloring. This long styling technique has been around for ages, but you can create a special and unique look with the hair ornamentation that you elect to use. In fact, each loosely joined braid can be adorned with an identical snippet of finery.

The Retro Look

In order to maximize on a retro look in a wedding hairstyle, you need long tresses of hair that can be thick, fine, or anything in between these. This style utilizes the half up and half down styling trend. A portion of the hair is swept back and up so that it follows the cheekbones and shape of the face. The remaining hair is left to hang down beneath the updo portion. For a truly retro look, use a wide headband to adorn your hair.

The Modern Birdcage

wedding hairstyles birdcage

For something different, brides can wear the modern version of the birdcage, a classic twenties style head ornament. The modern wedding day version is crafted from a wide band of fabric that wraps around the forehead and brow of the bride. The bride‘s hair can be long, short, or medium length. Typically, the fabric is adorned with flowers off to one side.

The Chignon

chignon women hairstyles wedding updo trendy modern

Pulling your hair back and securing it up in a chignon opens up a few possibilities for ornamentation. Allowing a few locks to hang in the front will soften the severity of this look. You can use tiny tendrils, loose curls, or soft waves. Plus, hair jewelry makes a stunning appearance on this type of hairstyle. Try a glittering tiara at the top of the chignon or even higher up on your hair.

The Twisted Bun

Twisted Bun Hairstyles Wedding Hair style

The classic bun is definitely a nice hairstyle for a wedding. Adding a bit of a twist to it will add a fresh touch that is appreciated and admired. Place the bun low and in the traditional center or place it asymmetrically. The twist goes on both sides of the bun and throughout for a clever look. This style works well with medium or long hair lengths as well as short hair lengths and the implementation of an extension.

The Tease

This style is perhaps best with long tresses of curly or wavy hair. Tease your hair for fuller volume, allowing it to hang down. Use gorgeous hair clips to secure your hair at strategic locations that show off your facial features.

The Sweep

The sweep maximizes on volume and sweeps the hair off to the side or back, depending on the bride‘s tastes. Long, loose curls add a soft, romantic touch to this hairstyle. Hair jewelry can be used to secure the sweeps with a bit of sparkle and dazzle.

The Short Updo

For those brides with short locks, an updo is still a viable possibility. A few hair clips, bobby pins, or barrettes can be strategically placed to lift the hair up and back from the face. It‘s best to add a bit of volume to the roots of the hair first by applying some mousse and then blow drying the hair upside down.

The Unsettled Updo

Updos Hairstyles Wedding Woman

As brides clamor more and more for something unique, hairstylists have come up with a variety of less–styled updos. Each time, the created look is somewhat different than the one before it. The updo is loose, unstructured, and randomly put together.

Lift It Up

wedding veil hairstyling hairstyles formal

Before any hairstyle, you can add a bit of lift and volume to your hair. Simply apply a bit of your favorite mousse to your towel–dried hair. Blow dry your hair upside down once the mousse is applied to lift your hair up at the roots.

The Soft Side Ponytail

Ponytails are just as popular as ever for everyday use and they can certainly be jazzed up for a wedding day hairstyle. Simply use a side ponytail with a loose tie for a touch of romance. In fact, sweeping the hair in the front and over the ear next to the ponytail softens the look with a delicate touch. Adorn your ponytail with a classy and stylish tie– perhaps something with crystals. This hairstyle works well with low–cut dresses.

Extra Tips

Use a styling cream to smooth away fly aways.

Accent your hairstyle with a touch of hair jewelry and a pair of elegant earrings.

Swarovski crystals and ostrich feathers are in, so check them out for your wedding updo.

Practice the hairstyle that you select prior to the actual wedding day.

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Natural Curly Hairstyles – Tips For Your Curly Hair

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Curly hair is wanted by most that don’t have it and often times, not by those that do.

For those that want gorgeous curls, there are certain tips you can follow to improve the look, feel, and overall health of those wonderful curls. You have to invest some of your time, but the end results are fabulous looking curly hair.

black hairstyles - long curly hairstyles hair cuts women

Curly Hair Care

There are numerous problems concerning curly hair with most of the causes being bad maintenance. One of the most common problems is hair frizz.

There are several factors that contribute to this, but most can be controlled. Some of the ideas that are commonly used for treating curly hair actually cause more damage than good. The following are tips for proper care of curly hair anyone can use.

long curly hairstyles for women woman

Hair Care Tips For Curly Hair

The following are hair care tips for those with curly hair.

• Moisturizers – one of the most common problems with curly hair is it usually is also dry hair. For this reason, use a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically created to help moisturize your hair. Products made for curly hair usually contain extra moisturizers. Wash no sooner than every other day, but use conditioners daily. Try to at least once a month; use a deep conditioner on your hair.

• Brushing – do not use narrow toothed combs, use wide toothed ones, or do not brush at all. If hair is tangled, wet it with conditioner, and use fingers or wide toothed comb. Start at the tip of the hair and work slowly to the root.

• Drying – try to air-dry hair to prevent frizzing. Do not brush or rub your hair with a towel. If you have to dry hair quickly, use a towel to blot it gently.

• Styling – the less you touch your hair the better for it, as friction causes frizz in curly hair. Use products with extra moisturizers. If you must use a blow dryer be sure to use a diffuser on it, and scrunch the hair gently as you dry it. An easy way to freshen up curly hair is to mist it with conditioner or water. The best hairstyles are not controlled, but let the curls flow loosely and naturally.

• Cutting and Coloring – A layered cut works best for curly hair. Hair that is the same length will pull the curls down, especially on the top. Longer cuts prevent curls from sticking up. Highlighting can be used on the curls around your face to open up your features.

• Eat Right – one of the most important, but often most forgot hair care treatments, are proper eating habits. Proteins help keep hair healthy and should be consumed often. Multi mineral and vitamin supplements should be taken daily. Avoid low protein diets, fatty foods, sodium, processed foods, and grease when possible.

Anyone with curly hair can have glorious curls for all to adore with just a little extra care. Follow these tips and you will be one of them!

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